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Questions You Need To Answer BEFORE Writing Your Wedding Speech

The more that you know about the Bride and Groom, the more personal information you’ll be able to include in your speech.  Finding the answers to the following questions about the Bride and Groom will help you find your inspiration as well as give you some ideas for what to include in your speech. 

Don't hold back when you’re finding out information about the couple and make sure that you write down everything that you learn for reference as you’re writing your speech.  You will have plenty of time to edit the content later. Here are some questions that you should ask the couple or people who are close to them, such as parents, siblings, and best friends:

•    How long have the Bride and Groom known each other?
•    How and where did the couple meet?
•    How did the Groom propose?
•    What was the Bride’s reaction to the proposal?
•    Does the couple have any children?
•    What are the Bride and Groom's mutual interests?
•    Ask the Bride what five words come to mind when she thinks of the Groom.
•    Ask the Groom what five words come to mind when he thinks of the Bride.
•    What is the funniest thing that happened to the Groom while Bride was around or missing in action? And vice-versa?
•    What do the Bride and Groom dream about for their future?

    The above questions are more important that you might think. When you find the answers to these questions you will find themes and ideas that can help you write a memorable and treasured speech that will be fondly remembered by the Bride and Groom for years to come.

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