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Writing A Wedding Speech


Giving a speech in public can be one of the greatest fears that you can imagine.  Giving a speech can be as frightening as the highest height imaginable!  In fact, some surveys have suggested that public speaking is the number one fear for many North Americans.  Some respondents to surveys about speech giving have even admitted that they would rather go out of their way to avoid any social situations in which speeches might be necessary.

So just why are speeches so frightening? 

Studies have suggested that most people are afraid of looking foolish or saying the wrong thing while giving a speech.  Those people who fear giving speeches find that they are being judged and looked at.  The pressure to give a speech can make some people feel nauseous, shaky, and have a sick feeling in their stomach.  People who suffer from a serious phobia of giving speeches may actually become violently ill before appearing in public. 

Despite all the problems with giving speeches most of us are expected to give a speech from time to time.  For many of us our first confrontation with giving speeches comes at a wedding.

Weddings are a time when everyone involved seems to be expected to give a speech.  While many people do so willingly others are more reserved about it because it can be hard to find just the right words to say that will be welcomed and enjoyed by the Bride, Groom and guests at the wedding, including the Bridal party.  The pressure to say the right things at a wedding can be tremendous burden when you’re required to come up with the perfect speech that is sure to capture the attention of everyone attending and be remembered years from now.

If you are nervous about giving speeches, or have never given one, this guide will cover some of the basic information that you need to come up with the perfect speech and overcome your fear.  This book covers the fundamentals of writing a wedding speech and will tell you how you can deliver a speech that is sure to make an impact.  Some of things that you’ll learn in this book include:

•    the history of wedding speeches and toasts
•    the basics of giving a good speech
•    some things to consider when you’re writing a wedding speech
•    how to start your speech
•    how to use “Mind Mapping” to create a speech
•    tips for wedding toasts
•    sample wedding speeches and toasts
•    how to present your speech and make an impact
•    how to build your confidence
•    how to deal with speech anxiety
•    topics for wedding speeches
•    all about jokes and anecdotes

You will learn how to write a wedding speech, how to give a speech orally, and much more. You will also learn good relaxation techniques that will help make you appear and feel more confident when you’re in front of an audience.  The selection of sample speeches will give you a starting point for creating your own personal speeches and wedding toasts.

 One of the most important things to remember is that you don’t have to agonize over any wedding speech that you’re giving at a wedding.  After reading this book the next time that you are at a wedding and have to give a speech you’ll be prepared to leave them all smiling.   This book will allow you to be as prepared as possible for the speech that you’ll be giving so that you can enjoy the celebration without worrying about your turn in the spotlight.

How To Write A Wedding Speech

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